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So glad you stopped by!  I’m Karen Creasey

I imagine that you landed on this page because you are on a quest to get healthy and to feel great again.  I bet, with your crazy schedule and all the conflicting diet, health, wellness and exercise information out there, you are feeling a bit overwhelmed about where to begin and how to be successful.  I am sure this is not the first “time to get healthy” journey you’ve been on.

I totally get it!  I know what it is like to try to figure out where to begin and how to succeed at health and fitness goals.  I have worked in corporate America with the all to familiar deadline stress threatening to steal my dream of balance and my dream to feel my absolute best.  I have tried fitness programs that promised results.  Just like you, I began with excitement and enthusiasm, but eventually life’s busyness overwhelmed and my gusto faded.

After getting a report from the doctor that was less then favorable, I knew it was time to dive in and make a change.  A lasting change.  I got busy learning as much as I could about health and wellness and applying it to feeling great again.  I knew good health was my greatest asset.

I hired a coach who took me through my paces and taught me that living a healthier, fuller, more meaningful life was a matter of making one small simple change followed by another small simple change.

It was totally doable!  Even with how busy I was.  The results were amazing!

My life changed!

It was then I realized my life’s mission was to  help others feel great again.

I became passionate about motivating, inspiring and educating busy, overwhelmed, exhausted people in corporate America to improve their health, wellness and overall life performance.  My passion has never changed.  I love what I do!

I created Health and Wellness Motivation so I could provide you with the tools you need to start feeling great again – so you can feel confident and empowered about your health and wellness goals and actually reach them!  The online programs I have developed have been built with you in mind.  I considered your busy schedule, your need to be flexible, and your desire to succeed.

Some of the tools I use in these programs are the exact tools I used to feel great again myself.  I am excited to share them with you!

When I am not creating valuable programming or meeting with my coaching clients, I enjoy time with my family, which is expanding! I’m a grandma!! I love being outside, riding my bike, hiking, and swimming.  Living in Palm Desert CA means outdoor activities can be year around!

But most of all… I love helping people like you that have a true desire to live healthier, fuller, and more meaningful lives.

Karen Creasey

Bachelor of Science ~ Human Development and Performance

Masters of Arts ~ Communication and Leadership

Certified Health Coach ~ American Council on Exercise

Certified Personal Trainer ~ American Council on Exercise

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